Monday, December 9, 2013

To Be Seen or Not to Be Seen.

By Katie Shaw

“Heterosexuality is considered a socially inscribed class, whereas homosexuality is considered a sexually inscribed class." 

-Amy C. Steinbugler

I chose to write about the visibility and invisibility of same-sex interracial couples because it's a topic that is not widely discussed. There are many aspects that are complex and frequently looked over. The above quote is a prime example taken from "Visibility as Privilege and Danger," written by Amy C. Steinbugler about how monoracial heterosexuals couples are given societal privilege because the dynamic of that type of couple is what society has deemed as normal. Any other relationship dynamic that strays from this societal norm is considered bad, abnormal, or an abomination. Through a series of blog posts, I will explore in depth the qualities possessed by same-sex interracial couples, and how they are perceived by society. 

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